Oct. 7th, 2009

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Stuff What I Am Doing Currently:

1. Coughing coughing coughing. SCREW YOU, BRONCHITIS. Really and truly not what is needed at the moment.

2. Stressing just a wee bit. Movers come on Sunday. Nothing has been packed. It's a damn good thing I got rid of most of my stuff when I moved out to WA.

3. Dreaming, wildly. Probably due in part to cough medicine (bless ya, Nyquil). Last night I had, of all things, a very hot, very vivid, Mulder/Krycek dream, which -- golly. I haven't even read any M/K in aeons. But it was most pleasant.

4. Painting painting painting. Choosing a paint for the kitchen cabinets came down to a tie between a) a product called Cabinet Coat, highly recommended by a contractor friend, and b) a product from Benjamin Moore, also highly recommended, but which drew me because of its name, which is --

[wait for it . . . . ]

. . . . Impervo.

OH yeah.

You have to say it in a sort of low, throaty growl: Im - PERRRRRRRRRRVVV - o.

See, I'm convinced this is actually one of the leads in DC comics/Adult Version -- IMPERVO! His costume is a pair of assless leather chaps that are actually bulletproof steel! His superpowers are invulnerability to harm, and hot hot kinky sexin'! He is -- Im-PERRRRRVV-o!

(Oh, hell, I ended up going with Cabinet Coat, because it had a higher luster and cost less, and it's worked beautifully and I'm very happy with it. But still, from time to time, as I race through my days, coughing and painting, I pause and murmur softly to myself -- Imperrrrrrrrvo. And it makes everything better.)


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