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Apparently my subconscious decided last night to have its say on the whole Characters of Color brouhaha.

So, I dreamed I was back at Escapade, in the con suite, which was rather larger and on one side opened into a big auditorium with a stage. Lunch was being served and almost all the members were in the con suite, wandering around talking and getting food, when suddenly a door opened and out came a procession of maybe a dozen beautiful, buff, shirtless Black men, wearing only tight jeans. They marched single-file across the con suite and over to the stage, passing so close by me I had to flatten against the wall. All the con members flocked into the auditorium, and I remember thinking that this was another surprise the con com had cooked up for us, that they were going perform some racy sort of Chippendales/Full Monty thing for us. Instead, when I got into the auditorium, I saw that the men were standing on stage on the sort of risers used by choral groups. And then they started singing a perfectly straight, high-school-chorale-worthy version of "Getting To Know You." Some of the con members were silent, watching with apparent confusion, but most crowded closer to the stage, and -- some enthusiastically, some way off key, some timidly and under their breath -- started singing along with the men:

Getting to know you, getting to know all about yoooouuuu . . .
Getting to like you, getting to hope you like meeeeeee. . .

I woke up, contemplated this, and then cracked up laughing. My subconscious, she is *such* a sap.
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So last night I dreamed I was living in a smallish apartment, rather like the one I had in the late 70s. I'd been painting or refinishing floors or something, and had moved most of the furniture out of the place. In particular, I'd removed and stored in the basement a big honkin' sideboard/buffet thing that, since there was no place to set it along a wall, I'd long had standing in between the living and dining space, as a sort of room divider. With it gone, the whole place looked much more spacious, larger and lighter and freer. I thought, "Gee, maybe I should just not bring it back." Then I thought "But isn't there all kinds of stuff in it that I need?" And then I realized--nah, it was just full of old dishes and miscellaneous crap that I never used. I could leave it all down in the basement, and go fetch anything from it I might want, but basically, I didn't need it in my space any more. And I felt this great relief, and just sat and revelled in how free and open and uncluttered everything was.

Heh. My subconscious, she is so gloriously unsubtle at times. Happy new year!


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