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Being as half-assed as I am about keeping up with LJ means that I miss lots of cool stuff, but every once in a while I try to backtrack and check out people who've added me to their reading list and whom I wot not of. And in so doing I discovered [livejournal.com profile] mayoihumbert, someone wholly unknown to me, who posted a funny and delightful summary of a dS story that really needs to be written. Because capes are comic gold. (*gives [livejournal.com profile] mayoihumbert the poky elbow-poke of encouragement*)
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This morning, for some reason, I found myself thinking about the dS episode Odds, and in particular how interesting this would have been as a Vecchio ep. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love RayK in it, but *damn.* Just how freaked would Vecchio be by the sudden appearance of, and Fraser's apparent interest in, a beautiful dark-haired smooth-voiced bad bad woman? It almost makes me wonder if Odds were written (as some episodes were, e.g. Asylum), or at least sketched out, before the casting switch, as a way of giving some emotional follow-through to Victoria. (RayK's reaction also makes me wonder anew just how much he knew of that particular disaster...)

I will at some point write something about Escapade, but upon my return I was immediately pitched into massive brouhaha at work; in fact, a colleague phoned me the night I got back to brief me before I came into the office. Fortunately (or un-, depending on one's angle) this particular imbroglio I can do nothing whatsoever about, and so I am practicing the folding of the hands and the leaning back and deep breathing.

Eight above zero this morning, but it's supposed to warm markedly, and I think this might be the last day for the big down coat. The change in the height and intensity of the sun, and the length of the days, is really noticeable, and I begin to cherish a wan hope that spring might actually come, one of these months.
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I just read the [livejournal.com profile] ds_seekritsanta story written for me. And I am -- my god. Wrecked. Ripped open, gutted, my heart shredded into a million bits, and full of joy.

What an amazing story, what an amazing gift, for the whole fandom. People? I don't care if you're basically slashers and put off by the Vecchio/Stella billing, I don't care if you're basically RayK people and not so much about the Vecchio. This story is fucking *phenomenal*. And to the author, whoever you may be (I don't know for sure, though I have some hunches *g*) -- thank you. Thank you, thank you. I am *humbled*.

I was going to read a whole bunch more of the other stories, but I don't know if I can now. I feel like I need to sit quietly for a while, and let this soak in deeply, and just *feel* it.
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[livejournal.com profile] kelliem posted a rant in her LJ today expressing her frustration with a bit of fanon she sees creeping into ever more dS stories--namely, RayK as a smoker. I started to reply in her comments, realized I was getting long, and decided to post this here. I hope it goes without saying that I'm writing this not to argue with Kellie, whom I greatly like and respect, or to disparage her rights to her beliefs and opinions. But her entry gave me occasion to think about the ways in which we justify fanon... )
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Have been rewatching the dS Pilot. Thought at one point I'd take copious commentary-type notes, but am too mentally scattered. They mostly sort into:

--How fucking *hot* is Fraser here?? I mean, really, is he ever hotter than when he's on top of Drake's van, stabbing his big-ass knife through the *roof*??? Gnaaaaarrrrrr.

--(Well, OK, he's just about as hot in MotB, which I was watching just previously, in the "Dominion of Canada" bit when he *shoves* the barrels aside and then *leaps* up on one and *grabs* the gun out of midair and *ping* *ping* *ping* shoots the diving masks, and -- OK, fanning self now. *Guhhh.*)

--Vecchio. How much does he love Fraser? ([livejournal.com profile] laurashapiro, you are correct on this, yes.) Coming up to the Armpit of the Frozen North, arm still in a sling? Bringing the heavy armaments and all? True love. *g*

--Vecchio. Sweetie, really, those *shirts.* Arrrgh. ::covering eyes:: Also, Vecchio looks so very very much better with the close-cropped season 2 hair.

--Also, the Vecchio family dinner scene still makes my skin. Crawl. I have roughly the same reaction to noisy contentious argumentative familial mayhem as Fraser.

--I still really, really want to do the vid of the Romance of Fraser and the North, using many clips from this episode. Except that so freakin' many of them have credits right in the middle. Ah, well.

--I just about died from the Fraser-woobie in various spots, especially the scene where he's reading his father's journals in the diner, and of course also when he's back up north, looking through the trunk. (And knowing that that trunk and everything in it--wee!Fraser's crayon pictures of his Dad!--are doomed to go up in flames, courtesy of Victoria . . . )

--They really paid attention, in this episode, to setting the Chicago scene, the grit and noise and chaos and squalor. Which, especially since they also have so many scenes of the spare bare pure lovely austere north, is very very effective. We lose that somewhat in later episodes/seasons, when Chicago grit is more the default.

--Traitorous though it feels, I really prefer whoever the dog is in the Pilot (not Lincoln, I think?) to Draco (the dog in seasons 3-4). It's the eyes, I think, those intensely pale and so *goofy*-looking eyes.

And, OK, shutting up. *g* But large with the due South love. I should be writing now.


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