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Oh my god am I sore today. I didn't even get to the gym, or do much of anything outside (on a perfectly glorious summerlike Saturday); what I *did* do was completely rearrange my bedroom, which involved:
  1. Taking apart and hauling to the basement all the pieces of my old computer desk (big wooden slab resting on a 2-drawer file cabinet and a 4-drawer chest); this also involved the melancholy sorting-through of quantities of memorabilia stashed in the files and drawers (15-year-old love letters from long-dead relationships, notes for ancient X-Files stories I never wrote, photos of my trip to England with my mom back in '75 when she was--*ulp*--about the same age I am now, etc. etc. etc.) and vacuuming up huge wads of dust;

  2. Taking down mini-blinds and hauling them out to the back deck to vacuum and swab off;

  3. Completely emptying three large and filled-to-overflowing bookcases, vacuuming off all the incredibly dusty books and heaping them in boxes in the hall, and moving the (pretty damn heavy) cases to other spots in the room, also vacuuming up in the process the terrifyingly huge dustbunnies that had bred quietly behind them for the past decade;

  4. Re-stocking all the books onto the shelves, sorting out in the process a large pile to sell or give away;

  5. Moving my really damn big and heavy queen-sized iron-framed bed to the other side of the room;

  6. Purging my clothes closet/dresser drawers, and accumulating two big bags of clothes to take to Goodwill;

  7. Scraping up an ancient ossified deposit of cat barf (from my old cat who died *almost two years ago*, aaiieee) discovered in a secluded corner of the clothes closet behind some boxes;

  8. Vacuuming and washing the floor, and vacuuming all the cobwebs from the ceiling corners;

  9. Doing nine loads of laundry.

Continuing my musical explorations, I discovered that Great Big Sea and Mighty Mighty Bosstones are good energizing accompaniments for jobs of this nature. Also listened to with great pleasure: Death Cab for Cutie (Transatlantic), The Roches, Pulp. Perhaps my greatest musical find of yesterday, however, came courtesy of Mr. P., who'd been telling me about some radio show called "Little Steven's Underground Garage," the eponymous Steven being Steve Van Zandt, late of the E Street Band (and also featured as Silvio on the Sopranos). Anyway, he hosts a two-hour weekly radio show which Mr. P. had heard syndicated on a local station, but he'd found that it's also archived on and can be streamed from the Little Steven website. There's a lot of stuff on there, old and new, that I'd never heard of (Gluecifer? The Raveonettes?) along with classics like The Animals and Dick Dale, King of the Surf Guitar, and all in all, as Mr. P. says, "I haven't heard a single song on there that I didn't want to listen to all the way to the end."

Anyway, you can go here, click "Listen to the show on our jukebox," and when the jukebox comes up, click Playlist for a page that shows you what's on the current show and offers links to shows past. (Note that the "next track" button on the jukebox player doesn't take you to the next track but the next segment of the show, so if you're looking for a specific track, use the fast-forward button instead.)

I offer this up as a small bit of payback for all the fine folks who've shared musical suggestions with me. Rock on!

And now I'm going to go take a hot shower and soak my achey shoulder muscles. And later today, in a piece of self-indulgence wholly uncharacteristic of me, I'm going with my sister-in-law to a foofy spa and get a massage and facial and maybe even a pedicure! Self-indulgent, yes indeed, but I tell you what, after yesterday I feel deserving.
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It's started snowing out. They're now forecasting that we won't get the 1-2 feet after all, that it'll concentrate south of the cities, but we should still get several inches, which is fine. I never much mind March blizzards; they're like LJ kerfuffles, dramatic and overblown and flouncy but you know they'll melt away in short order. (November-December blizzards, on the other hand, are like blood feuds, heavy, inexorable, and in for the long haul.)

Project of the Week has been keeping the house clean, after last weekend's big clean-up, and my main discovery (apart from hmmm, this is a lot less work than I thought it would be) is that I have WAY too many coffee mugs. Because if one only does dishes once a week or so, one *needs* a lot of mugs, so that one's pre-dawn lunge for caffeine is not delayed by the need to dig a dirty mug out of the sink and wash it. But now that I'm washing up daily, and even putting the clean dishes away instead of living out of the dish drainer, I may need to move some of these to storage.

Today is a day of huzzah! because the university is closed (spring break holiday) and I have a whole, entire day with nothing to do except watch the snow fall and start inching my way back into writing. Well, that latter is not so much of the huzzah!, maybe, and more perhaps of the eeeek!, because I have been very very stalled out lately with the putting of words on the hard drive. I say "stalled" rather than "blocked" since there's nothing really impeding me, just that I've lost momentum. The daily habit of getting sentences cranked out is one of those Newton's-First-Law things like the daily habit of exercising, or washing the dishes, a whole lot easier to keep going with once started than to start up from a dead stop. But what I'm telling myself is, self, if you can actually keep your house cleaned up for a whole week, getting some progress on that fucking story ought to be *cake.*
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Yesterday morning I woke up actually feeling *good* for the first time in a week, reflected with some satisfaction that the zinc + rest combo seemed to have cut this latest cold down in its tracks, got up and drank some coffee, opened the blinds and took a good look around the place, and staggered back in my tracks, clutching my heart. Dear god, the horror, the mind-boggling SHAMBLES of randomly-strewn DVDs, books, dirty dishes, used tissues, tapes, half-empty food containers, lint wads, dirty socks, and general filth and chaos.

I entertained brief fantasies of just torching the place, but knew the upstairs neighbors wouldn't appreciate that at all, so I chugged some more coffee, took a deep breath, and started digging.

And today? This place is -- I just don't have words for how lovely it is to be sitting here in a house that is clean and organized and spacious. All horizontal surfaces are *bare* except for items of immediate use or ornamental value. All books and DVDs are neatly organized and put away. All socks have been washed, paired, and put in the drawer. All my dishes are clean. *boggle* And my desk is completely and entirely free of crumbs, dust, mold-breeding ancient coffee cups, CDs missing their cases, fallen-down post-its, and AC adaptors of unknown purpose.

Prodigious amounts of crap were thrown out--including (with some sad nostalgia) a whole bunch of videotapes that, honestly, I was never going to watch again. (Granted, I still have at least a hundred, but at least they're neatly boxed up and labelled so I might stand a chance of finding what I'm looking for.)

There's still a lot to do--the basement is a nightmare, and I want to completely reorganize my bedroom sometime soon--but *man.* I feel like I can breathe freely again, and not just because the phlegm has left my respiratory tract. Now all I have to do is convince myself that it's really a whole lot easier and pleasanter to devote 20-30 minutes a day to *keeping* things like this.


Mar. 5th, 2005 03:25 pm
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So. After hours of wrestling with approximately 37649 densely-interwoven inextricably-tangled dust-bunny-swathed cords, cables, and wires in the cramped and ill-lit recesses behind my computer desk --

I find that I have not one, but two AC adaptors that were plugged into surge protector #2 but not connected to any devices.

And I have no freaking idea what they're supposed to go with. (Not the phone ... not the USB hub ... not the router ... not the cable modem ... not the laptop ... not the other laptop ... )

This is going to make me insane.


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