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It has been brought to my attention -- the hideous and unspeakable realization has been forced upon me -- that [livejournal.com profile] shrift the Great and Glorious, Polyamorous Fannish Crackwhore Extraordinaire, Shrift the Mistress of the Snark, has ... not ... seen ... Invisible Man.


Which is to say, the woobiness of Eberts, the unparalleled insanity of Darien's hair and wardrobe, and the all-encompassing wonder that is BobbyHobbes! -- all these are unknown to her. As are likewise the snark, the banter, the heartwrenchingness of "Flowers for Hobbes," the . . . no, I can't go on. *chin quivering wildly*

And the reason given? is that, and I quote: "I feel bad asking anyone for it, since people have been incredibly generous to me already."

This from Shrift, who has done more ass-busting in the way of fannish infrastructure --the archives! the recs!--to say nothing of the fabulous stories! -- than have legions of us lesser fanpersons, laid end-to-end.

I say unto you, my sistern and brethren in fandom -- with one hand gripping the pulpit, and the other pointing skyward calling down the Wrath of the Fannish Gods -- I say unto you, This Shall Not Stand!!

Had I but any I-Man source at my disposal, I should have already rectified this gross transgression against the Rightness of Things. As I do not (having only seen the series by the grace of [livejournal.com profile] tzikeh upon whom all blessings flow), I shall ask -- nay, I demand -- that others in our congregation, those more blessed with the Having of Source, rectify this outrage! Shower upon our sister Shrift the benison of tapes, let the episodes flow down upon her like a mighty river, so that she who is worthiest among us may truly know the Glory that is BobbyHobbes! (and Darien also, of course, what with the biceps and the neck and all.)

Hallelujah and AMEN!

(And it is of course borne upon me that her demur might be in the cause of "Jeezus KEERIST please do not saddle me with yet ANOTHER fandom!" Which I wave aside as a piffling and transitory thing, my mind set always upon the higher cause of Fannish Righteousness [and not at all upon my own craving for I-Man fiction from Shrift, oh heavens no, not at all...])


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