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Blog depression. "If you feel overwhelmed with a crushing pressure to post to your blog, a pressure so acute and strong that you can't post anything at all, try to remember, no one cares. You took up blogging of your own accord. Stop torturing yourself! you silly bastard."

Simply substitute "LJ" for "blog" as needed. Pretty damn funny.
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One of the recurring holiday delights of the internet returns today -- Leslie Harpold's on-line Advent Calendar, each day bringing a holiday memory, a link, and a special treat.
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Even though I am not, as a rule, all about the wedded bliss, this story of a wedding between two men who've been together for ten years lifted my heart, and made me all misty with happiness. I hold it in my heart, with [livejournal.com profile] planetalyx's account of her marriage, as a bulwark against this foolish and small-souled period in my country's history.
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[livejournal.com profile] sockkpuppett earlier posted the US voting breakdown, state by state, as shades of purple, instead of blue vs. red; here's the same thing, except county by county.

I find this fascinating, especially as a countermeasure to the generalizations about the South and Midwest that have been flying around the past couple of days. Consider, for example, that very blueish-toned band of counties meandering from Louisiana through Alabama and Mississippi and into South Carolina. Or those blue spots in the upper Great Plains--I can't even identify what, if any, cities those would map onto. (Since state boundaries aren't shown, one thing this map also reveals to me is my less-than-perfect grasp of geography. *g*)

I should locate a good color printer and run myself a copy of this, to tack up over my desk. Nothing about this country is as simple as I am sometimes, in my bitter moments, tempted to believe.
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Funniest thread I've read in a while: "INTERNATIONAL CAPS LOCK DAY!!" as celebrated on MetaFilter. MeFi's been a rather bleak and politics-heavy place lately, so it's nice to see the gang kick out the jams old-skool style.


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