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God bless Roadrunner, honestly. For the past week I've been having recurrent internet problems, with the connection dropping every hour or so, requiring me to reboot the cable modem and snarl. This is very unusual--my connection's usually rock-solid--and I was dreading doing anything about it because calling tech support is such a renowned, time-honored exercise in total frustration. But this morning, after four reboots in an hour, I finally gathered up my fortitude and phoned in to Time Warner, and after going through a brief automated-menu thing, I got an extremely affable and competent support guy, who, while chitchatting amiably about the weather, also swiftly determined the source of my problem (low power supply, probably due to aging cable modem unable to cope with extra demands of wireless router), and advised me to just bring the modem in and swap it for a newer one. Yay!

In between bouts of kicking the modem back to life, I've been spending a low-pressure morning going through and tagging old entries. The project tweaks my perpetual interest in taxonomies and how people categorize and sort things--I'm wishing now I could view others' overall tag lists and see what kinds of general schema they're using. Me, I'm more a lumper than a splitter, which is to say I try to avoid making entry-specific tags but rather use larger categories like "fandom" and "job." Questions that have arisen thus far:
--Hm, should I just use "cons" or make separate "Escapade" and "Connexions" and "Vividcon" tags?
--Are "TV" and "movies" essentially subsets of "fandom" or do they need their own tags?
--Leave "computer" as one big category, or separate out "internet," "hardware," "software"?
--Is that "kerfuffle" tag just gonna make trouble for me at some point?

Anyway, it's amusing to think about how I organize this stuff, and to get a big-picture overview of what I tend to post about most often. (For the record, "fandom" and "weather" are tied for the lead at this point, which I guess is no surprise.)
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Sometimes I have wished that LJ would develop a functionality that would let you bookmark a particular point in your friendslist when you log off -- planting a temporal stake, metaphorically speaking -- and then, when you return, go to that point and catch up on posts in actual, rather than reverse, chronological order.

And yet, that would cheat me of such strange temporal/topical loops as the Great Frienditto Imbroglio, which apparently appeared, flared to fever pitch, and has now subsided to steady burn state, all in the eleven hours between my departure for work this morning and my return from the gym this evening. I have a perverse love for stumbling on such things in mid-uproar, and then backtracking through everyone's posts looking for Entry Zero.

(And are there *really* people in the world half-witted enough to go around blithely giving out their LJ password out to strangers? Mercy.)


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