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There really can be nothing of purer loveliness than a June dawn. The bad part is it occurs so very, very early. The good part is if one has an ungodly early flight to catch gets one up in time to enjoy it.

Off to a conference (*hairball-hacking-up noises*) until next Sunday, so any updates will be random and sporadic (as distinct from sporadic and random, as they've been lately). Have an excellent week, all!

Home again.

May. 8th, 2005 02:29 pm
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Back after eight glorious days of vacation. A few general conclusions:

  • This actually-taking-vacation-and-going-somewhere concept is an excellent one.

  • Likewise the sitting and staring at the ocean for hours on end concept, and the seeing of a few wonderful friends.

  • Also excellent is taking a day after returning to gently re-enter regular life; catch up on LJ, do laundry, putz around in a low-pressure way.

As part of the putzing around, I took some time today to upload a few photos from my trip, and at the same time try out the LJ photo galleries. Not bad so far--upload works smoothly, and one can get larger versions of the pictures, if desired, by clicking them. Let me know if you have difficulty accessing them, or if things look wonky.

I am sustaining my mellow vacation buzz for one more day, by dint of avoiding any thoughts of all the work awaiting me next week. Monday will be here soon enough, and in the meantime I'm wallowing in my ocean memories.
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The more I travel (and I have travelled more for the sake of fandom than I ever did in my pre-fannish life), the better I get at figuring out the whole packing-light thing.

E.g., for a weekend jaunt, such as I am about to set out on, what comes with me is ... Read more... )
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Home from Escapade, exhausted but happy. *Fantastic* con. And despite all my premonitory wibbles, my travel went with almost preternatural smoothness and celerity; not one thing went wrong (well, except for the usual annoyances of air travel, and oh my GOD do I have a rant a-brewing on the topic of Why People's Behavior When Boarding and Exiting Aircraft Makes the Baby Jesus Weep).

But that, along with much else more con-related, must come later, as I find I'm up to roughly skip=600 on LJ, and also I have no food in the house.
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So, tomorrow morning, get up way early, get to airport, board plane, fly to Escapade, have fun. Easy peasy, I tell myself, safe as houses.

Except. I'm having a rather worse than usual case of my pre-travel freakout, in which I visualize with great clarity the plane crash (smoldering heaps of twisted metal, my pathetic little bits of luggage scattered amongst the rubble), or the car crash (the swerve, the skid, through the guardrail, down the mountainside, bam bam KABOOM). I try to sublimate this in low-grade wibbling over mundane stuff like losing my wallet, or missing my flight, or whatever, but really, forget that crap, the travel-angst is all about death. Which is, of course, the ultimate destination we're all travelling toward, as soon as we emerge from the safety of house/womb.

And, of course, it might just possibly be that the worse-than-usualness of the freakout is related to the fact that two members of my family have died in the past month, and payment of the emotional bill on all that is just starting to come due. Dunno. Or it could be -- well, some other mortality-related crap that's going on, with the recounting of which I shall not weary my patient readers, but anyone who gets me drunk at Escapade will likely get an earful. (This does not involve my own personal mortality, I should perhaps add.)

I'll just say that *god* only knows why I thought this was a good time to reread Dira's That Good Night, which is an excellent and deeply disturbing piece of dS fiction, and, for all its excellence, not the best thing to read on a night when one can feel the raven's wings flapping around one's head.

OK. Ahem. The agenda is: peaceful flight, pleasant drive up the coast, Escapade, have fun. Have fun. Fun shall be had, dammit.

And now I should probably go throw a few things into a suitcase, since I must roll out the door at 6:45 a.m.
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Having spent all day (and evening) yesterday frantically shovelling off my desk, I am about to head to the airport and catch a southbound jet. Will be in Florida until late Tuesday, spending most of my time (alas) in worky-type working groups working on work-related stuff. But I shall sneak away from time to time, and there shall be walking on the white-sand beach, and sipping of gin and tonics, and watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico. And no family/telephone/students/memos/funerals/coworkers. ::happysigh::
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The temperature slid below zero sometime early this morning, and has been going down down down ever since. It will hit -14 or so tonight, and will not get above zero until maybe sometime Monday. This depresses me less than it might, because--hah!--tomorrow morning I am getting in my car and (assuming it starts, a subject of mighty prayer around here this evening) I shall drive to Chicago for a long weekend of hanging out with cool people, I-Man marathoning, and general relaxation.

This is sorely needed, because the last week or two I've felt a little remote from fandom; squee-less, vaguely depressed, preoccupied with massive job overload, and full of midwinter bleh. So I'm going for the Total-Immersion therapy, with a side order of Getting-the-Hell-Away-From-RL. Will be back here sometime next week, with (I hope) a recharge of vim.


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