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Grabbing a minute in the middle of VividCon Packing Frenzy to say --

I have a house.

That is, I assume I'm going to have a house in... [*counting*] ...a month and four days, as long as nothing comes unstuck in the interim.

This isn't the short sale house I posted about earlier; maybe an hour after the realtor and I finished writing up the offer on that one, I was going to lunch with some friends and she phoned me to say, "Uh, I don't know how you'll feel about this particular complication, but -- the house on A. Street just came back on the market."

The house on A. Street is one I'd seen my very first day of touring/viewing, and had said, "That one. YEAH. Want it. Let's offer." But when we got back to the office we learned someone else had put in an offer earlier that day, and had it accepted, and so I was skunked and disgruntled.

But! That deal fell apart, the house came back on the market, the realtor and I went to re-tour it that evening and wrote up an offer first thing in the morning, the offer was accepted, the loan and insurance are processing through, we're set for a closing on Sept. 16 --

-- and I have not slept more than three hours a night since, oh, last Friday or thereabouts, my stupid brain apparently preferring to spend the small hours of the night debating what color to paint the dining room, and how to lay out the garden. I am slightly unwell with exhaustion/stress, and feel like my brain has been *sandpapered*. (Perfect time to set off to a con, which is always an adventure in social frenzy and sleep deprivation! *g*)

Anyway, a few pictures of the new place are here. It's quite a bit smaller than the short-sale place, less fancy, but closer in to town, and it feels comfy and right-sized for me (the other place was really almost TOO big) and I am very very happy.
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