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I *almost* had to post the head-explodingly rageful follow-up entry of "Ha HAH, do not count your wire transactions until they are deposited!"

Which is to say, at 3:00 this afternoon, 8 hours after my wire transfer was initiated, I was going back and forth on the phone between Competent Ameritrade Guy and Competent Bank Lady, both of them saying "Uhh . . . well, it really should have come in by now. If it's not there by now? I--don't know, but that's not good." C.A.Guy almost lost his Competence badge by saying at one point, "Yeah, if it hasn't deposited by now, I'd be a little concerned," and I give myself bonus points for not screaming back "WHY THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME, OTHERWISE I WOULD HAVE HAD NO IDEA I SHOULD BE A LITTLE CONCERNED JUST BECAUSE ALL MY MONEY HAS VAPORIZED INTO THE AETHER."

(A thing I learned today! If you have a wire transfer going between one account and another? Say, an Ameritrade account and your local neighborhood credit union? It doesn't just go from point A to point B -- it has to make a scenic side excursion through the freakin' FEDERAL RESERVE. Which is probably why the whole thing took eight hours.)

Anyway! At 3:15, I made one last despondent call to Competent Bank Lady, who said "Hang on -- let me check again -- hey, it just came through! Three minutes ago! It's deposited!"

I whooped, and then I *burned rubber* to the bank, and got the cashiers check, and *burned rubber* to the title company office (OMG, I didn't even mention the truly awesome escrow/title company lady, who soothed my anxieties, and let me go ahead and do all the paper signing even though I didn't have the check, and laughed and laughed at my bitter snarkiness about Ameritrade.)

So -- papers are signed, check is in, I get the keys on Wednesday, and our long national closing nightmare is over. Deep thanks to everyone who has listened to my ceaseless tedious core-dumpings of anxiety and angst, and posted encouraging supportive comments -- I should reply to you all, but right now I have a rendezvous with a nice bottle of champagne.
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