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[...and by "flist" here I am, sadly and deplorably, referring to my LJ homies, on account of how even though I admire and esteem DW and acknowledge its many superiorities, I also realize I have barely enough brain to cope with just LJ and have temporarily given up on trying to figure out how crossposting, etc., works.]

I feel like I should be thumping my head on the desk and mumbling mea culpas for all the e-mails and comments that have gone un-replied-to. Rather than blather boringly on about my apparent flare-up of neurosis about even the minimal social engagement involved in e-mail/LJ comment exchanges, I will instead just say -- well, mea culpa. And you are wonderful people. And! (*sudden topic swerve*) I am more or less healthy again! After about 498684913879878 years of coughing! I even went to the gym today, for the first time in two and a half months, and lasted, oh, I'd say maybe 15 minutes! Upward and onward, mes amies!

I was just now folding laundry, and, although there are a million things of social, political or cultural relevance that a brighter person than I might post, found myself suddenly moved to instead do -- a poll!

OK, so what brought this to mind was time spent laundering and then folding my one and only set of cloth napkins. They are very nice napkins--heavy soft damask-weight cotton, in a deep woodsy green. And I found myself trying to recall just when was the last time I used them. All I could really come up with was "Probably somewhere between five and ten years ago." The role of these napkins in my life, apparently, is to sit nicely folded in a drawer, and then, when I'm moving, to be used for wrapping and cushioning the wineglasses.

I would sort of LIKE to be the person who uses cloth napkins on a regular basis, thus in a small way contributing to this civilization we are attempting to have here. And yet? Though it makes Miss Manners purse her lips and Al Gore sob aloud, when it comes down to it, I am ALL about the paper towels. (Neatly folded, to be sure, and set alongside the plate, with a fork centered atop.)

And, as usual, I find myself wondering how many standard deviations from the norm I am in this (assuming you lovely folk can straightfacedly be referred to as a "norm") -- which leads me to ask:

[Poll #1482671]
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