Feb. 28th, 2009

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So I'd pretty much decided that this year I'd give VividCon a bye. Money issues, partly; while it appears likely that I will be keeping my job, it also appears absolutely certain that my already-feeble income will be going down (furloughs are in the offing...). But also partly a feeling of disconnect from the fannish mainstream, and like I don't deserve to be taking up a space that could go to someone more actively engaged.

But then today I started thinking about all the people that I really only see at VVC, how much they really do mean to me, disconnect be damned, and how stupid it would be to miss this chance to see them; I examined the old bank account, lips pursed; I cancelled my gym membership, which is something I'd been thinking about doing anyway, since I can work out at home pretty much just as well with the kettlebell and the yoga tapes; and then at 9 p.m., I hit "Refresh" frenziedly a few times, and then typed in my reg info at top speed, momentarily forgetting my goddamned APARTMENT number, but then recovering.

I may be driving out instead of flying, and car-camping along the way (which, truth to tell, actually sounds like a bit of fun *g* and if fuloughs come down the way they might, I will for damn sure have the TIME); if worst comes to worst, I may have to cancel. But I appear to be registered, YAY, and with luck I will see various beloved folks out there, and some cool vids as well.


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