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Once again: Of the Good, Of the Bad.

Good: I have MOVED. Which is to say, all my shit is IN MY HOUSE, and I have cleaned (where "cleaned" = "lightly vacuumed") my old apartment and turned over the keys.

Bad: I have not, of course, actually unpacked, in any organized, systematic way. OH HELL NO. Instead, I have done that thing where you say "Coffee filters! Where the HELL are the coffee filters?" and you randomly toss-search all the various boxes of kitchen stuff, flinging contents hither and yon, until you uncover the coffee filters. And next up is "Socks! Clean socks!" or "Dental floss! Where is it??" or whatever, and the house fills up with randomly-flung stuff from boxes, and OH DEAR FREAKING GOD THE CHAOS THE CHAOS. (Plus also I am roughly half-done with painting the kitchen, which means the kitchen is filled not only with randomly-flung stuff, but also with paint cans, paint brushes, paint rollers, paint roller trays, dropcloths, putty knives, etc. etc. etc. etc.).

Good: I am so very deeply, happily in love with my new washer and dryer. They are computerized and electronic and made by Samsung, and when you power them up they sing you a little song, a sort of electronic tweeeedle-twee, tweeedle-tooo, just like a Roomba or a Tivo. Plus stuff comes out wrinkle-free, and they have Vibration Reduction Technology, and -- yeah. Looove.

Bad: Someday I shall actually figure out how my house's programmable thermostat works. Preferably, someday SOON, for I weary of waking up, shivering, in a house that is in the high 50s.

Good: This is the first time I've lived in a detached single-family dwelling in TWENTY YEARS, and I am intoxicated with the wild freedom of being able to -- put music on and play it WITHOUT HEADPHONES!! Walk around without worrying about OMG am I treading too noisily??!? Sing in the shower at the top of my voice and NOT WORRY ABOUT ANNOYING THE NEIGHBORS. (I believe my current inclination to BREAK OUT THE CAPSLOCK ON ALL OCCASIONS is not unrelated to my current bliss at being able to LIVE OUT LOUD for the first time in so, so long.)

Bad: Much of the noise I am actually currently making is me coughing my lungs out. I am very ready to be DONE with coughing. Alas, the coughing, it is not ready to be done with me. Also, I have been falling into bed at 6:30 p.m., feeling like I've been hit by a train, which is not helping out with the unpacking, to say nothing of the goddamned half-finished kitchen painting.

There is more, but I'm going off now to (a) see if I can actually FIND the dental floss this time, (b) fall into bed, (c) cough and cough and cough, (d) sleep.
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