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It has been *pelting* down rain here the entire day long, hard and steady, with a driving gusty wind. I feel terrible for the poor kids who'd organized an Easter Egg Hunt up on campus, and I hope they all gave up on it quickly and went inside for some hot cocoa.

A good day for hot cocoa, or for a big bowl of popcorn, old movies, and a good book, with which I've been indulging myself most of the afternoon, apart from some futzing around with the new laptop.

The day has also brought some low-key domestic excitements, to wit:

1. OK, did you know that if you drop a brand new, entirely full, 32-oz carton of cottage cheese at just the right angle, the bottom of the carton will split and burst open, spewing cottage cheese all over the kitchen floor? I did not know that either.

2. My yoga practice, such as it is (and "intermittent flailing" would be a better descriptor than "practice") has been even more maladroit than usual due to my new yoga mat's incredible slipperyness, which leaves me skidding and sliding out of postures. A quick googling turned up much advice about washing the mat, in such cases--in the bathtub, with minimal soap, thorough scrubbing, that'll take the slippery coating right off, etc. etc.

Let me just say, having now tried this, that washing a yoga mat is right up there with, say, washing a *cat*, at the top of the list of Really Entertaining But Ill-Advised Things To Do In A Bathtub. For anyone trying this at home, my counsel would be to just strip down, climb in, and wet yourself thoroughly first, because you're going to get drenched anyway.

Drying it is interesting too -- the usual advice is to lay it out on a towel, roll them up together, and squeeze the moisture out, but you actually need more like three towels to accomplish this, and quite a bit of floor space, and then somewhere to hang the mat to dry. I draped mine over the shower-curtain bar, with some trepidation (as viewers of Wilby Wonderful know, you don't want to put too much weight on a shower curtain bar). But so far it is holding, although no perceptible drying has occurred (probably due to the aforementioned pelting-down rain and consequent humidity levels).

Oh, and a wholly random question: How does one configure Semagic to post into two separate journals at once? I've got the latest version, but I can't see any place to set up a second journal account ...
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