Aug. 8th, 2009

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So! Yes, true, I haven't actually what you might call POSTED here since ... um ... *checking calendar* ... uhh .... April?

But hey! Not dead! Not even sick! Just -- busy, happy, busy, intermittently frenzied, intermittently slothful, same old same.

Anyhoo, I wanted to do the Check-In Of Complete Randomness, to say:

a) a week from now I will be at VividCon (YAY!) and I will see at least some of you there and watch vids and dance at ClubVivid and talk talk talk and jeeezus it feels like at least a DECADE since the last VividCon;

2) You guys (*making sweeping comprehensive arm-motion at the entirety of the flist*) are the coolest and just because I've been utterly incommunicado doesn't mean I don't love ya all; and

iii) In breaking news: I am --

*discordant blatting of trumpets, crumhorns, and sackbuts* --

-- buying a house. Yeah.


Not, I hasten to add, that the house purchase has actually been *consummated* yet. But I'm meeting with my realtor tomorrow to put in an offer on a property that is gorgeous, in great shape, has wonderful garden space, is significantly underpriced, and -- is a short sale! Because I am clearly insane and need that kind of hassle!

(Cliff Notes: a short sale means the seller is upside down, or perhaps in default, or about to go into foreclosure; the property is being sold for less than what the seller owes on the mortgage, and the bank that holds the mortgage, in an understandably testy humor, will be sticking its oar into the proceedings throughout, vetoing perfectly good full-price offers in the hopes of somehow extracting more cash from the situation. Short sales tend to take quite a bit longer to close and are significantly more likely to fall through.)

So, it'll likely be a couple of months until I know if my offer will actually be accepted, closing will actually happen, etc. etc., and in the meantime I will continue the intermittent viewage of houses which has been the main feature of my life the past few weeks. Good god, the tales I could unfold about some of the places I've seen -- housebuying at the low end of the price scale is truly an adventure in wackiness.

And -- well, what else? Fannishly, I am well-nigh totally disconnected, having so far not seen either the new Star Trek movie, nor a single episode of Leverage nor Merlin nor -- what the hell IS everyone watching nowadays? I don't even know.

Which will make vid-watching at VVC even more befuddling than usual (at Premieres, I am something like 3 for 74 in "having any idea of what show/movie this is, who those people are, or what the Sam Christ is going on").

So! Some of you I will see soon, the rest of you I wish I could see, and -- maybe, just perhaps, I will post again sooner than I DON'T KNOW FOUR MONTHS MAYBE??!?!?


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